Thursday, August 9, 2012


PIPELINES & BORDERLINES: People Can't Drink OIL! Print Portfolio

“Toxxxicity” Linocut Print by Joshua Kolbow 

Joshua Kolbow’s Statement 
The concept of “Toxxxicity” is pretty cut and dry. America is a whore selling her freedom for the right price. Elected officials, “Big-Oil” lobbyists, and corporate devils have become America’s pimps. They sell her to increase profits and obtain power with no concern for citizen welfare or America’s future. Like all whores, America will eventually become tainted with disease and cease to be profitable. Her infestation of greed and corruption will make her expendable garbage. Until then, we watch as each devil takes their turn riding America for the money shot.

Artist Bio 
Joshua Kolbow is a 2011 graduate from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a B.F.A. focusing on Drawing and Printmaking. Heralding to the precision and composition of Renaissance and Baroque masters such as Durer and Caravaggio, Joshua fuses Renaissance draftsmanship with graphic – novels’ dynamic narratives and forges compositions with forceful satirical motives. Joshua’s work has been exhibited primarily in Wisconsin, including Stevens Point, Manitowoc, and Milwaukee. He recently participated in an international print exchange featuring over 150 artists from 20 different countries. Joshua teaches relief printmaking workshops to bring his passion for prints and art to new people so they can experience new ideas and become part of the printmaking community. Joshua resides and works in West Bend, Wisconsin where he pursues his printmaking career and plans to enter a graduate program.

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