Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whiting Springs

PIPELINES & BORDERLINES: People Can't Drink OIL! Print Portfolio

Geoffrey Sciacca  _Whiting Springs_ 
"Whiting Springs" Print by Geoffrey Sciacca 

Geoff holds a BFA (Auburn University) and an MFA (Lousiana Tech University) in Graphic Design—the field in which he currently serves as a professor at Elmhurst College. While his design background undeniably influences his prints, geoff finds screen printing to provide a welcome respite from the digital environment, and an ideal medium for communicating.

With the vast amount of communities relying on the Great Lakes for drinking water, the thought of the refinery in Whiting, IN dumping increasing, unacceptable amounts of waste into Lake Michigan in order to refine a dirty source of fuel is beyond upsetting. This satirical piece brings this to attention by recontextualizing drinking water from Lake Michigan; it alludes to the historic nature of the Whiting refinery through the stylistic treatment of the bottle label; and makes reference to the corporate greed behind this expansion through the color and symbology of the background pattern. Perhaps the notion of polluted drinking water is more tangible in a plastic bottle than looking out at one of the world's largest lakes.

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